My Secret Formula for a Desserts-only Wedding Reception

Espresso Dave's Coffee Bar with your Desserts only reception

Secret Formula to host desserts-only receptionWhat’s my secret formula to hosting a successful desserts-only wedding reception?

Wedding receptions aren’t one-size-fits-all.  Today’s couples want to customize the event to reflect who they are.

Desserts-only reception sweets table

1. Wow Guests with Cake, Candy, Pies, Pops & a Bit of Bubbly

My secret formula to hosting a desserts-only wedding reception begins with your dessert selection. Since dessert is the focal point of this type of reception, serve the most amazing, delicious  cakes, pies, cake/pie pops and candy you can afford. Be sure to taste test all baked goods. Decide upon buffet or dessert cart service (where guests are seated and waitstaff bring a variety of desserts to their table from a cart or platter.

A few years ago, we provided espresso bar service for a bride who adored a blueberry pie recipe handed down through the generations.  Her mom took this special recipe to a baker and surprised her daughter with a blueberry pie station! I guess that was the bride’s something blue…but I digress!

We suggest you kick off your event by passing champagne and espresso martini shooters (more on this in a minute). This mini-cocktail hour gives guests time to mingle and for the DJ or band to get the party started. We also suggest a limited bar service.

Espresso Dave Outdoor cart dessert reception2. Kick it up a Notch with a Specialty Coffee Service

An equally important element in my secret formula to hosting a desserts-only wedding reception is great coffee.  A specialty coffee station or bar goes perfectly with a desserts-only reception. Espresso Dave’s Coffee Catering is one of the best choices in Boston and New England when it comes to serving handcrafted, specialty coffees to your guests. A plain old cup of joe served from a percolator or air pot just won’t do on one of the most important days of a couple’s life together.

Here’s a sample wedding menu I suggest:

Specialty Coffee Menu for a Desserts-only Wedding Reception
Café Della Casa
Espresso topped with a cap of thick, frothed milk
Café Mocha
Espresso with a shot of chocolate topped with a cap of thick, frothed milk
Café Latté
Espresso with gently steamed milk
Espresso Romano
Rich, intense, dark roast with a smooth body
Espresso with a dollop of frothy, foamed milk

Typically, we start with this menu and customize it with syrups, seasonal drinks and toppings as well as designing signature drinks named after the couple, their hobbies or the theme. Kosher and non-dairy options are available.

Starting your reception with a round of passed espresso martini shooters is a great way to boost your guests’ energy level and get the party started.  This is possible if you have an espresso bar as well as a bartender serving alcohol.  In many cases, such as with our service, we do not serve alcohol but can provide fresh, brewed espresso to enhance your martinis, etc.

Now you know my secret formula to hosting a desserts-only wedding reception. Remember, there’s lots more to making your guests feel welcome at your wedding reception, but I feel serving fabulous food and fantastic coffee is a great place to start.

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  1. I love the idea of having a specialty coffee station at a wedding. I am getting married this summer, but it will be a small wedding. A coffee cart would be a great option to keep the wedding sophisticated but simplified.

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